Stronger Together


The work that out chapter does would not be possible without the support and vision of these great organizations. Thanks to each and every one of them we are able to sponsor educational events and organize citizen lobby days throughout the legislative sessions in order to advocate for the rights of all Marijuana consumers by influencing the reform of our State's laws. 


Cultivated Synergy

Cultivated Synergy is more than just a workspace. It’s a dynamic community of friendly, knowledgeable, creative, and experienced individuals. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with our members to accelerate their businesses. They're continually striving to create an atmosphere mixing the freshest ideas with individuals and businesses to redefine engagement and growth within the industry.   


Pyramid Pens

Pyramid Pens was established in 2015 and aims at producing the highest quality CO2 extracted concentrates using a proprietary quadruple filtering technique.  Ask about Pyramid where you regularly shop or catch their pop up at dispensaries around town.



Healthy, natural, calorie-free – and delicious. While the curative properties of tea have been known for thousands of years, taste is important too. For Stillwater Tea, we infuse the highest quality organic teas with our patent-pending Ripple – Dissolvable CBD/THC 1:1. This light touch of fast-acting, water-soluble CBD/THC is designed to relax, not intoxicate, so you can enjoy the best parts of your day without worrying about the worst. Live a less anxious, more fulfilling life.


National Energy Technologies

National Energy Technologies LLC has elevated the standard of excellence of Conservation Consulting Services. We are a commercial facility conservation consultant specialist. Our techniques will save from 5 to 25% on electricity, cooling, water, or fuel, by correcting inefficiencies in;  indoor air cooling, large refrigeration, lighting, laundry, compressed air, water flow and many other resource depleting activities. 


Kind Love

Established in Colorado in 2010, Kind Love has become Colorado’s authority for medicinal-grade connoisseur flower, clones and cannabis infused products. Kind Love is a vertically integrated dispensary that cultivates and sells only flower grown in-house, using the latest technology and cultivation methods.

IMPACT Network logo new outline.png

Impact Network

IMPACT Network is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to Improving Marijuana Policy and Accelerating Cannabinoid Therapeutics. We do this through cannabis research, education and advocacy, primarily focused on conditions impacting women’s health. They envision a world where medical cannabis is a safe, effective, accessible and affordable treatment for women and all patients.


KushKards is a brand out of NYC designing the perfect stoner greeting cards. The cards come equipped with unique ties for a legal pre-roll and clever sayings like, Just Wanted to Say High! They are sure to keep the handwritten note tradition lit.

Tanner Studios Lumonics

Dorothy Tanner’s Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery features unique sculptures made of plexiglass designed around light. Nearly every weekend, the gallery hosts a variety of events, from DJs to workshops to parties to live performances.

“Light has the power to create, define, and solidify; or leave in shadow that which we believe to be real" - Dorothy Tanner

Wana Brands

Established in 2010, Wana Brands is one of Colorado's leading infused products manufacturer. They pride themselves in professionalism and innovation operating with Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs) to ensure quality and consumer safety. You can find their products in Colorado, Oregon, and soon Nevada!