“A NORML Week in America” podcast covers the revolutionary Marijuana Legalization movement in the United States of America. We educate our audience, connect with leading experts and propagate exciting news about the constant evolution of the Cannabis Industry. In order to successfully promote the reform of Marijuana Laws, our goal is to be the voice of the people and support activist groups across the nation.

We are very proud of this milestone for our local chapter in the Mile High City and this podcast will run on 2 monthly episodes:

  • State/local episode_ The 1st episode airing the 2nd Wednesday of each month will focus on covering the important events, political updates regarding marijuana reforms and interesting stories occurring in the city of Denver and the state of Colorado. 
  • National episode_ The 2nd episode will air on the 4th Wednesday of every month, which will focus on connecting with chapters across the US, to forge a stronger connection in our vast NORML network, as well as  renowned voices in the Cannabis community.  There are so many amazing stories that activists all across the nation want to share, that we felt important to keep all you freedom fighters up to date with the other members of the union!