• Cultivated Synergy (map)
  • 2901 Walnut Street
  • Denver, CO, 80205
  • United States

Date: October 11th, 2017

Cultivated Synergy
2901 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205

Time: Check-in at 7:00PM, starts 7:30-9:30PM.

Description: Denver NORML holds monthly meetings free to both members & guests to discuss current marijuana laws and legislation, along with supporting local cannabis businesses and non profits here in the city of Denver! Register today: www.denvernorml.org/event-calendar/

We are excited to have our newest guest speaker from 303OrganicCannabis, with Bryan in the house. He will be introducing to us why organic DOES matter and why we should care to push for it more in the industry. How do you know if your marijuana is really organic or not? Bryan will also be beginning classes soon! Check out his company on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/303organiccannabis/)
or 5280mosli.com @303organiccannabis.

We will also have Noe & Mike from Hotbox Roasters come by with their handcrafted nitro brew! They are located in Longmont, and we love to support local. Why and how did they get their name as "Hotbox Roasters" ... ;).

Denver NORML will be holding a special Lobby Day Report, informing you what the process was like lobbying at our national capitol in Washington D.C., and what we have some news for you. Come and join us in learning some new cannabis bills that are under review in the White House!

Remember you must be 21+ years of age and RSVP by clicking below. Guestlist will close at 3PM. If you are registering after 3PM, please contact lisanorml5280@gmail.com to confirm registration. We'll see you for the Halloween month! (Anybody trying to dress up as weed nuggets? ;])