• Lakewood Car Museum (map)
  • 11100 West 8th Avenue
  • Lakewood, CO, 80215
  • United States

Venue: Lakewood Car Museum, Lakewood, CO

When: Sunday, August 27th, 2017 @ Noon.

Normally Medicated? or Too High To Drive?

Learn to tell the difference!

Cannabis Clinicians Colorado presents

Are You Impaired? A Cannabis Research Day

Research on THC blood and saliva levels vs. cognitive function in self-reported impaired and non-impaired users

 Research Goal:

Observe if there is evidence of any correlation between between a given cannabis compound level in blood and/or saliva, and a reduction in cognitive function and/or roadside sobriety tests in persons self-reporting impairment.

Piqued? Click here for AreYouImpaired-methodology-Website-2017

Community Goals:

  1. Educate the public on the perils of impaired driving
  2. Help people learn to recognize cannabis impairment and to know when not to drive
  3. Gain a better understanding of the relationship between cannabinoid biomarkers and impairment.

    How to Participate:

  4. Attend! FREE event – Donations welcome! Includes LeMay Club Auto Car Museum collection of exotic sports cars, historic vehicles, and hot rods.  Speakers include retired NFL player Marvin Washington, Cannabis Patients Alliance, retired law enforcement officers, and CCC member physicians. Enjoy carnival games, information booths and food on the lawn.
  5.  Participate in our Research – Study subjects are needed!  Both medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana users are needed.  Email us your interest below.
  6. Volunteer – We need help with study check-in, security, parking, and more.  Click below to email us.
  7. Donate / Sponsor a Study Participant – Donations large and small are all tax deductible and go directly to research costs.  All donations of $25 or more include 1 General Admission ticket. Here’s what your donation covers:
    1. $25  pays for a saliva test
    1. $50  pays for a cognition test
    1. $75 pays for a blood test
    1. $100 pays for a blood test plus a saliva test
    1. $150 pays half the cost for a study subject, minus the data crunching
    1. $175 pays half the cost for a study subject
    1. $350 covers the full cost of study subject, beginning to end!