Board of Directors

Part of the Board of Directors in Washington D.C. at the 2017  National NORML conference. From the top left: Andrea Fosoli, Presilla Solis, Lisa Tran, Clarissa Krieck, Jordan Person, Keith Stroup, and bottom Alex Rubin.

Part of the Board of Directors in Washington D.C. at the 2017  National NORML conference. From the top left: Andrea Fosoli, Presilla Solis, Lisa Tran, Clarissa Krieck, Jordan Person, Keith Stroup, and bottom Alex Rubin.

We are the Denver NORML board of directors, non-profit pro-marijuana volunteers helping lead the way in educating the public and supporting the rights of Marijuana consumers. Our mission is to work with consumers, city leaders, neighborhood organizations, and businesses to reform marijuana laws. We work to provide education and information to the citizens of Denver and all surrounding counties by bringing in feature speakers and businesses to our monthly meetings and annual events.


  Executive Director           Jordan Person 

Jordan moved to Colorado in 2010 as a medical marijuana refugee. The amazing holistic doctors and great medicine she received saved her life. As a nurse and massage therapist she was astounded by the power cannabis had to heal her after 6 major surgeries. This took her from being an advocate for plant medicine to a full blown activist. 

After attending several events for NORML and seeing a lack of activism in the city Jordan started Denver NORML in 2015. She has learned that grassroots activism has a direct effect on her environment and the community she's a part of. Jordan's motto with her board of directors is to lead by example. She welcomes and encourages teamwork to make their dream work. 

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Secretary-Clarissa Krieck 

Clarissa’s background is in management, technology, and training.  She first joined the Cannabis Industry in 2012 as a seasonal trimmer. Clarissa later worked with Bluebird Botanicals selling Hemp-derived CBD products domestically and abroad. She now works for Indo Expo Trade Show as a Marketing Manager, and loving every minute of it! Clarissa is passionate about Cannabis law reform,both in regards to Marijuana and Hemp. She volunteered during the Hemp Road Trip and National Hemp Association (NHA) campaigns to reform Hemp laws.Clarissa joined Denver Norml as a member in 2016, and currently serves as the Secretary on the Board of Directors.  Clarissa recently launched an educational campaign in her native Brazil to educate the public on marijuana law reform, called Vida Cannabica. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, swimming, and writing.

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Treasurer- Spenser Ward  

Spencer is the Treasurer of Denver NORML and Social Media Manager for Medamints. He collects glass, hikes, listens to hip hop, and prefers to smoke hazes. At Denver NORML he's fulfilling his lifelong dream to work on marijuana policy and education. 

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Deputy Director-Precilla Solis 

Priscilla moved from Texas to Colorado for school and finished her degree in the Front Range before moving to Denver. Here, she immersed herself in the cannabis community and joined Denver NORML in March 2016 hoping to do something greater while enjoying cannabis as an enthusiast. Her favorite strains to smoke or dab are Golden Goat, Tangerine, Banana Kush and anything with Cindy 99!

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Business Director- Alex Rubin

Alex Rubin is a cannabis activist who's goal is to change the overall stigma and discrimination on Cannabis. Alex was born in Albuquerque,New Mexico and has a degree in Economics and business management. When volunteering for the 'Decriminalize New Mexico' campaign in 2014, he realized comprehensive cannabis reform is policy the United States desperately needs. He's had family and friends in Colorado and moved to Golden, Colorado in 2015. Alex started volunteering with Denver NORML during the summer of 2016 where he interned with the Responsible Use Denver campaign. He joined the Board of Directors as the Business Director in August of 2016 to improve and grow relationships between consumers and Cannabis businesses. He has been in the Cannabis industry for two years and currently works with Lightshade Labs as a professional sales representative and inventory control specialist. His favorite Cannabis strains are Super Sour Lemon Diesel and Blackberry Kush. Alex enjoys the great Colorado music scene, being physically active and playing pool.

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Legal Counsil- Judd Golden

Judd Golden: Legal counsel, Denver NORML, Responsible Use Denver social use initiative, co-proponent and author, 2016, Board member, Colorado NORML, 2013-date, founder and director, IA NORML, 1975-1982, Chapter Chair, Boulder County Chapter of the ACLU of Colorado, and board member 1985-2014. ACLU national staff as Mountain States Counsel, Denver, 1984. Volunteer cooperating attorney in numerous ACLU and NORML cases. ACLU of Colorado Sherman Award for outstanding cooperating attorney for work on University of Colorado v. Derdeyn, 863 P.2d 929 (Colo.1993), cert. denied, 511 U.S. 1070 (1994) (random drug testing of student athletes unconstitutional). Over 100 civil and criminal jury trials in state and federal courts, including million dollar verdicts in product liability and medical malpractice cases. Graduate of The John Marshall Law School, Chicago and University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. Admitted to practice law in CO, MN, IL and IA. Currently in private law practice in Boulder, CO.

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Event Coordinator-Lisa Tran

Lisa has been working in the marijuana industry as a budtender since May of 2015. She now serves on the board of Denver NORML in the role of Events Coordinator. She works closely with others in the industry to provide exceptional services with local food drives and charity events. Lisa wanted to take on an active role because she feels that results reflect in terms of action over words. One of her favorite strains can be any strain that is fruity such as Strawberry Cough or any lemon strains. She likes to consume flower in “..good old fashion blunts or just out of the pipe.” Lisa loves to do any outdoor related activities such as going explore the Colorado mountains, trying out new restaurants in town, and crafting art at home. Lisa is the oldest of four siblings. She further hopes to end the stigma of reefer madness in her own family.

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Communication Director Andrea Fasoli

Andrea serves as Denver NORML’s Secretary. He was born in New York City but lived themajority of his life in the city of Brescia, located in the north-eastern part of Italy. He is a world cultured individual who has had the opportunity to work in various countries and effectively
integrate among different organizational cultures. “From San Francisco all the way to Prague, toMilan as well as in Lugano, Switzerland I always strive to bring my energetic and optimistic attitude to the organizations I have had the privilege to work with.”- Andre. He moved to Denver in mid July 2016. Since he started consuming marijuana back in Europe at the age of 18, he immediately became fond of this natural resource and it’s ability to bring people together from all walks of life. He has been fascinated by its history, the incredible influence that has had on human civilization and the astounding controversy that surrounds the topic since the infamous criminalization campaign took place. Andrea joined Denver NORML because it is an organization that will fight for the civil liberties that every American deserves and originates from our national institution that has sparked the legalization movement that will forever transform our nation.

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