After marijuana won the 2016 elections by doubling the number of states allowing recreational use with four more for a total of 8 and the establishment of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus this year, it’s clear that consumers are catching the ears of decision-makers across the nation. It’s high time they listen and some simply need that personal touch. For example, Colorado Senator Chris Holbert of Douglas County initially opposed marijuana law reform because he didn’t know its medical benefits until he met a family of constituents using CBD to treat their son’s seizures. Now he’s open to meeting with advocates pushing legalization and supports marijuana law reform.

The pioneers of marijuana legalization paved the road that brought us to this pivotal moment. Now our voices remain on congress’ doorstep.

Do you know those commercials from urging this generation to halt big tobacco and the smoking epidemic? does an excellent job of getting in the faces of industry executives with displays of facts on big orange signs and organized chaos outside metro high-rises housing corporate tobacco companies. They’re changing the way consumers feel about ciggarettes using education or factual knowledge, one of the principle catalysts in paradigm shifts. We can do that with marijuana. Advocates for reform have an obligation to present the truth and halt misrepresentation.

On April 20th, marijuana consumers and advocates gather with NORML around the world to put an end to marijuana prohibition by supporting the 4/20 Day of Action Campaign; a grassroots effort that will combine social media presence with a call to action targeting federal lawmakers. Through this effort, we will raise awareness and support for the growing number of marijuana reform bills pending before the House and Senate lawmakers.

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