Many people in our society can say with confidence that the State of Colorado has become a pretty special place since 2012.

For decades the entire world fell into the abyss of ignorance and bigotry, towards a natural resource that has brought nothing but good in this world, spearheaded by the one nation that is now turning it all around, again! Cannabis, or what had been recognized by almost every individual, lawmaker, enforcement agent, journalist and world government as marijuana, has finally come out of the shadows after more than 80 years of condemnation, oppression and isolation from the world.  

Many historians will look back at these so called "dark ages", of the cannabis plant's journey, as a very strange phenomenon in the decision making rpocess that our ancestors brought forth as a means of manipulation and concentration of power. Across the millennia this natural resource has been utilized by human beings in almost every aspect of our daily lives and has played a fundamental role in our evolution and progression towards the advanced society that we are now a days. Somebody will have to explain the students of tomorrow how in hell could our leaders be so blind, and down right ignorant? Unfortunately the archetypes of the marijuana demonization campaign were anything but ignorant, though they were surely blinded by something: Greed and power. 

Thanks to the countless efforts of activist groups, free thinking individuals and societal phenomenons of rebellion against government oppression over the past few decades since the 1960's, the cultural shift had finally taken place and the citizens of Colorado voted to overturn many years of injustice and strive forward in a new and brighter direction. The entire globe has been carefully watching ever since Amendement 64 was put in place, under the Colorado constitution, thus granting historical rights that will have forever changed the faith of this unique corner of the earth.

Many of us were not granted the privilege to live in this state before this colossal paradigm shift; which lead us to embark on a journey to reach the promised land. Cannabis as many of you know is not just a means of relaxation, an interesting hobby or a natural medicine: it's a way of life. Since we can remember this important aspect of our existence always had to be segregated into the deepest corner of our minds to avoid conflict, social isolation or even criminal prosecution in many cases. It is unbelievable to see the stark difference just by looking at our neighbors in every direction and it should make everyone feel so grateful of the fact that we live in a time where a massive conscious awakening is taking place and Colorado has definitely been a catalyst for this change.

Nobody really knows where this legendary legalization movement will bring us, though it is certain that it's not going to hault any time soon. Hopefully one day no human being will ever have to suffer simply because they decided to create their own unique pursuit of happiness!    The legalization of Cannabis perfectly coincides with the degradation, erosion and subsequent transformation of many structural foundations deemed to be eternal in the eyes of previous generations: Things such as education, labor, technology, relationships, financial systems and political ideologies are all being put to the test on our ability to adapt and survice the changes that we have brought upon ourselves. Whether you believe it or not many of the challenges we are currently facing as a specie could have been easily prevented if our governments saw Cannabis as a force for good and not as an enemy of profitable institutions.

There are many moving pieces on this highly complex puzzle we call life and with time, many will get the chance to sit back and be able to grasp the immense complexity and yet fascinating simplicity of our world; the level of intricacy that us humans generate in our lives is quite astounding and one day we will be able to observe nature for what it really is: a teacher and not a resource.