On April 15th, 2017 Denver NORML hosted a free event, the Grow Safety Symposium at the Englewood Civic Center focused around safety and sustainability for home cultivation.  In Colorado residents have the legal right to grow marijuana however there is a lack of education regarding the best practices for each municipality.  NORML's goal was to cover every aspect of home cultivation from seed to flower. 

Denver NORML would like to say a very special thank you to the event's sponsors: Transcend Lighting, Soil Secrets, National Energy Technologies, Blumat Irrigation, TGM Greenhouses of Colorado and Cannabis Clean. We also want to say thank you to the amazing and generous companies that donated their genetics to Denver NORML: Ethos Genetics, Dank by Pank, Ego Free Seeds, Concentrated Genetics, and Covert Genetics. The raffle winners were so grateful for their ability to go home and practice what they spent the day learning. Huge thanks to Grofax 13 and HippieDew for completing the booth area.

Our list of guest speakers was unreal. We are so grateful to this list of experts that donated their time to this event. We hope to have each of these incredible speakers at next years event as well.

  • Moment of Mindfulness - Rachael Carlevale, Ganjasana
  • Nutrients - Rashad Reed

  • Cultivation - Cassandra Maffey, Verde Natural

  • Energy Consumption & Savings - Scott Milne, National Energy Technologies

  • Pest Control - Jason Furman, Srills 420 Pest Bully

  • Lighting - Michael Cleveland, Epic Grow Light

  • All About Genetics - Colin Gordon, Ethos Collective

  • Permaculture - Matt Davenport, ARLO Systems

  • RSO Instruction - Mike Wise

  • Home Security - Joey Baker, Denver Protection & Obedience Training

  • HVAC, Plumbing, Electricity - Jay Lopez, Dr. Green Plumb

  • Proper Storage & Waste - Paul Isham & Ben Meyer, MariWaste LLC

    Steven McMorrow, Cannabis Clean

  • Curing & Storing - Vaughn Fitzgerald, Integra by Desiccare

  • Compliance & Law - Dennis Brovarone, Hoban Law Group

  • Full Synopsis - Nick Tanem, Essential Extracts & The Herbal Cure

Our goal was to create a dialogue and provide as much education as possible. People continue to move to Colorado every single day, simply for the opportunity to legally grow their own marijuana. People arrive with little knowledge, but they’re excited grow so they typically buy a light, put it in a small closet or tent, and then immediately run into issues with ventilation, temperature and pests. The problem that we at Denver NORML kept seeing was the lack of education for those that wish to safely grow in the privacy of their homes. We enjoyed creating this event for our cannabis community and intend to have this event every year. 

We will continue to strive to bring education to our members and community. With the knowledge this symposium brought us we hope to create an education campaign that we can provide municipalities for future reference. If you or someone you know has a company that thrives on safety and sustainability please send them our way for our next Grow Safety Symposium.